Welcome to telemedicine that works.

Our cloud based platform easily connects patients and providers inside of their existing work flow.

Simple setup

Our simple setup lets you meet patients face-to-face with nothing more than your current broadband internet connection and webcam. With no expensive fees or equipment to buy, you will be up seeing patients in no time.

Unlimited Accounts

With TruClinic you can create unlimited provider and patient accounts each with unique login credentials for secure access. It's as simple as sending them an email.


Online Scheduling

Patients can access your online appointment calendar to view and request available sessions. The ease of patient-driven scheduling means they never need to call your office to request an online appointment.


Innovative Solution

TruClinic’s proprietary patented technology provides a video solution that enables high definition video on a low bandwidth connection, and making it easily scalable to high volumes without compromising video quality.

Reduce Costs

Streamline administrative features such as scheduling, appointment reminders, online bill payment and electronic communications from one central location.

5 Tier Security

We take security very seriously, with our 5 Tier Security Platform have the peace of mind that all your information is secure and HIPAA compliant.


We just want to increase access to healthcare. It is that simple.
— TruClinic CEO Justin Kahn


Technology that makes medical (and financial) sense.

Make the most of your time

Video consultations give you the flexibility to control your scheduling to fit within your workflow and manage your time. TruClinic will help you optimize clinical time and improve patient satisfaction


Expand your practice and revenue growth

Online consults help you attract new patients, regardless of where they are located, and increase the profitability of encounters with existing patients. 

Simple and Affordable

You can start seeing patients with the click of a button. With no expensive equipment or software to buy, and easy credit card billing, you’ll see an immediate return on your investment.

Keep your employees happier, healthier, and more productive.

Reduce costs

Decrease medical absenteeism, improve your employees’ access to healthcare and reduce claim costs. Giving employees instant access to a company’s healthcare providers through video consultations has proven to reduce healthcare costs by as much as 25%.

Return on investment

Our low-cost, simple setup lets providers see your employees regardless of where they are.  With no expensive equipment or software to buy, you’ll see an immediate return on your investment.

Employee satisfaction

Effective communication with a healthcare professional is a highly valued employee benefit. Providing such a benefit increases employee engagement. 

Instant-on telemedicine that delivers efficient, effective care to your patients.

Extended services

No matter the complexity or scope of your system, TruClinic seamlessly integrates patients, clinicians and facilities into one web-based portal. Now you can control costs by shifting care away from high cost centers and utilize finite resources more efficiently. Our goals is to help improve clinical effectiveness, cater to mobile consumerism, increase market presence and differentiate your organization for competitive success.

Manage care

Whether offering care for acute or chronic patients, TruClinic is ideal for consultative care, evaluation and monitoring patient compliance. TruClinic can help you improve your patients’ quality of life by reducing readmissions, ER Visits and unnecessary clinic visits. Our solution will help you successfully manage your interactions with your patient population and help patients manage their own health.

Increase access

TruClinic makes it easy for providers to maintain patient relationships anywhere, anytime. Expand your patient population by eliminating geographic barriers while delivering a unique, interactive and virtual health care experience for each patient.

Telemedicine that makes sense for patients too.


Meeting with your healthcare provider has never been easier. All you need is a computing device, an internet connection, and a webcam to consult with your provider no matter where you are.


Keep your confidential information confidential. We allow you to control your medical information, and share it with only the people you choose.


We give you the freedom to enjoy your life. Quality healthcare can be available in the safety of your own home, or wherever you feel comfortable.