Our Story

Back in 2010, a few budding entrepreneurs in Salt Lake City, Utah decided they'd had enough of waiting rooms. Justin Kahn, John Walker, Michael Feldman and John Bolinder imagined a world where follow up appointments could be taken from home, where home health workers could bring virtual doctors to their patients, and where specialty consults didn't depend on which days the doctor was in town.

They pooled what little cash they had and started TruClinic - aiming to create a telehealth platform that would be versatile enough to fit ever-changing use cases and simple enough so anyone could use it. They spent the first two years in R & D, working together to build a solid foundation that allows providers to offer the highest quality care at a distance and in 2012 began to secure their first customers.

Since then they've built TruClinic into a universal telemedicine platform with a knack for tackling hard integrations, bottom-up user growth, and uncommon use cases. TruClinic’s patented virtual clinical portal leverages the latest in web-based and mobile technology to provide high tech connectivity solutions for the healthcare industry without the need to maintain specialized rooms, buy equipment, or update software. Medical professionals and patients are no longer limited to the traditional clinic setting, expanding access to care for everyone and from installing internet in every home on the Goshute Reservation to facilitating interactions between a mother and her newborn child in an ICU, TruClinic makes a point to serve the underserved. 

TruClinic provides innovative web-based solutions that enable individual providers, healthcare systems, employers, payors, and channel partners to deliver high quality healthcare, no matter the user or use case. 

Our Team

TruClinic's management team brings together the best and brightest in healthcare and technology, united under the cause of creating meaningful solutions that solve the problems of our national healthcare system.


Justin Kahn

Founder & CEO

An entrepreneur at heart, Justin has a knack for recognizing a need, creating innovative solutions and rallying a team of people who share a similar vision around the cause. He has been the driving force of TruClinic since it was merely a concept, and has successfully guided the company from development, to pilot, to rollout and scale. His goal for the company is pretty simple: make telemedicine available to everyone.

Justin is passionate about social entrepreneurship and the belief that a company can provide for the social good while still having an economically successful business. He views TruClinic as an opportunity to impact the world in a positive way by making healthcare more accessible, and that is what gets him out of bed in the morning.

He has been recognized for his work with TruClinic by Utah Business Magazine’s 40 Under 40 list in 2011 and was also nominated as a HIMSS H.I.T. Game Changer for the Innovators, Up and Coming category in 2014. Justin has a background in entrepreneurship and sales – he was also the founder of strategic consulting and business development firm Streetwise Investments, Inc. Additionally, he leads the office in terrible jokes and coffee consumption.


Therus C. Kolff, MD, MPH


Dr. Kolff joins TruClinic as its Executive Chairman during an exciting time for the company as “connected health” gains momentum. With the background of an experienced CEO, he is the ideal mentor, board member and team builder. Dr. Kolff enjoys confronting problems, pushing teams to make tough decisions while creating optimistic positive organizations. 

As a CEO, Dr. Kolff has managed a number of successful ventures (as founder) through partnerships with healthcare corporations, physicians and academic institutions; Oncology Partners, a Georgia-based physician practice management company; Value Oncology Sciences, a carve-out of Value Health that included Oncology Partners; and, Oncology Research Partners, a cancer-focused clinical research organization.

A clinical, business and technology innovator, Dr. Kolff launched the temporary physician staffing industry in 1979 with his founding of CompHealth (CHG Healthcare Services, Inc.). When he stepped down as CEO in 1994 the company had grown to more than $100 million in annual revenues, with 350 full-time employees serving 3,000 provider organizations and 677 full-time equivalent physicians. Today CHG is consistently ranked among the top of the Fortune 100 best companies to work for in the US with more than 1800 full-time employees.

Dr. Kolff has been an active board member with a number of companies including CWK Network, Inc.; VISTA Staffing Solutions; Piezo Partners; Cancer Technology Applications and Medical Media Holdings. He currently serves on the BOD of IMS, a private equity backed pain management company based in Atlanta GA.

Dr. Kolff is treasurer of EARTH University Foundation that supports EARTH University in Costa Rica and also sits on the BOD of Planned Parenthood of Utah.

Dr. Kolff holds a M.D. from the University of Utah and a M.P.H. in Health Policy and Management from Harvard University where he has served on the School of Public Health's Advisory Council. Dr. Kolff currently resides in Salt Lake City where he tries to get into the mountains as much as possible and convince his three grown daughters to come West to ski.  




Brian is an experienced sales and business leader that brings a unique and extensive skillset to TruClinic. Brian has been on the cutting edge of healthcare technology since 1998. He has an extensive background and expertise in payer, provider and public sector health information, data analytics and health reform initiatives. He served as Vice President of Business Development at Optum (formerly Ingenix) before moving on to Microsoft as a Senior Director in the Health & Life Sciences Division.

Brian joined TruClinic to bring his expertise to a fledgling company that he sees as bringing significant value to providers as well as patients. He sees TruClinic as a strategic innovator in the healthcare space with significant opportunity to grow. He shares the common goal of disrupting the healthcare industry by streamlining and innovating the way care is delivered. When he isn't at the office, you’ll find him working on other health technology projects or enjoying the slopes or his boat.


Alex Zoller

Head of Product

Alex is a new addition to our team from the recent acquisition of Overl.ai  – a healthcare automation intelligence company that used machine learning and automation to improve patient and provider engagement – where Alex was the co-founder and CEO.

Alex brings 20 years of leading companies in healthcare, technology and finance to our team. Prior to founding Overl.ai, he was responsible for development and launch of several health IT products at Integrated Systems Management. These include: OmniEHR  an Electronic Health Records System; OmniRCM – a Revenue Cycle Management System; and OmniXchange – a Health Information Exchange.

Before that, Alex Zoller led the team at United Care Group in implementation of its Practice Management System for a statewide integrated physician and health delivery network in Florida. This effort included integration of a third party EMR system with the PMS for a seamless technology solution available to over 1700 physicians in the IPA associated with the physician network.




Every team needs a wise senior statesman, and Dr. Nelson fills that role fabulously for the TruClinic team. As a past president of the American Medical Association (2004-2005), an advisory committee member in the National Institutes of health, and a board certified obstetrician and gynecologist with over 30 years of clinical experience, he brings a wealth of knowledge, relationships and insight to our young company.

We look to him for all matters pertaining to practitioner advocacy, solutions-based outcomes, patient safety, healthcare information systems, and strategic initiatives and programs that will enhance the care provided through TruClinic.

Dr. Nelson has dedicated his life to serving his community’s healthcare needs as a provider, a businessman, a health policy advocate and a leader. In 2005, he was a recipient of the Distinguished Service Award, presented by the University of Utah School of Medicine, and his service has been recognized by countless other organizations in which he has offered his time. He currently serves as a Senior Advisor and member of FuturePanel at healthcare intelligence firm Leavitt Partners.  


Lori Douglas

VP Of Client Development

Lori is an executive-level leader who started her career as one of a handful of employees with a physician staffing organization. She had the privilege helping the organization move through all of its growth stages and become a top-tier industry leader.

Lori’s passion and strengths are in several areas.  Building strong relationships, problem solving, leadership, setting sales goals, determining how to reach those goals, and implementing the steps necessary to make it happen.  She also has experience and success in developing systems and strategies for growth through sales and acquisitions, overseeing multimillion-dollar budgets, keeping abreast of current laws and keeping the organization within those legal guidelines. 

Outside of the office, Lori enjoys spending time with her family, boating, biking and completing marathons and half-marathons.  



Chief Technology Officer

As a technology firm, no one is more critical to our success than our programming team – and we have the best. As our lead programmer and Chief Technology Officer, Trevor develops and oversees the creation of all technology required to deliver safe and secure communications between providers and patients. Trevor is the mastermind behind TruClinic’s patented technology. He is responsible for the continuous development and integration of new portal features.

Trevor is an expert at building games and interactive software. He has worked as a senior engineer at multiple firms and development studios over the past decade and has a deep knowledge of programming languages and systems that is too long to list. He has shipped games and applications for next generation video consoles, mobile phones, portable gaming devices, watches, desktop and the web, and has had the chance to work for both Microsoft and Sony.

Fortunately for us, working with technology is more than just a career for Trevor; he loves it. He has been programming since the Amiga was introduced in the 80s, and when he is not coding on the job, you will find him at home, coding for fun. Also, he hails from England, so its fun to listen to him talk.



Head of Engineering

Vitaly, our Head of Engineering, is a well known technologist whose achievements are backed by the most prestigious awards in the industry. Prior to joining TruClinic, he was a co-founder and the Chief Technologist at Overl.ai - a healthcare automation intelligence company.

Vitaly brings over 20 years of experience converting ideas to products. Recipient of many awards, including, 1st Cyber Gold Lion in Cannes, Webby Honoree, Clio, FWA, and was a Flash Forward Nominee. Co-founder of IDEOM - a full service digital agency. Co-founded software development company Ego7. Co-organizer of the New Media United Foundation in London. Has experience in UX/UI, backbone.js, angular.js, DB, Actionscript 2, Actionscript 3, javascript, SQL, PHP, mobile, iPhone, tablet, and cloud computing.


William Evans

Chief Security Officer

In an industry like healthcare IT, security is no joke! This is why we brought in a network security expert like William to be our Chief Security Officer and hacker-fighting ninja. William is a seasoned IS manager, trainer, consultant and network engineer. He has extensive hands-on technical experience, including project management, LAN/WAN administration, troubleshooting, installing, upgrading, and IT security.

William has 15 years experience in the IT administration and networking industry with expertise in network security and security vendor related training. Prior to joining TruClinic, William has worked with several technology and security firms including ForeScout Technologies, Fishnet Security and Convergys Juniper Networks. 

When you spend all day defending against hackers, it helps to be excited about technology, which is why William is a great addition to our team. He has a passion for playing with technology and is dedicated to implementing the processes to provide secure environment people can trust. When he’s not building our security, William spends his days on his mountain bike, and hanging out with his wife and his two dogs.



Director of Information Technology Services

Compliance - dot your I's, cross those T’s; the mantra of all successful organizations. Eric comes aboard with the expertise to augment our firm foundation with the knowledge and passion to carry us forward into future.

After an honorable discharge from the U.S. Marine Corps, Eric has immersed himself in the forefront of networking technology for the past 18+ years. It started with mastering routers, switches, firewalls and the like, and then transitioned into training, building and managing teams of technology enthusiasts supporting Fortune 500 companies. Most recently he has been running a publicly trusted Certificate Authority and making sure TruClinic stays at it’s best.

He likes to use the immortal words of Oscar Wilde to describe his time at TruClinic, “The suspense is terrible, I hope it lasts,” and he firmly believes in the mottos "work hard, play hard," and "go big or stay home.”

When he's not reading RFCs, white papers, passing audits or tinkering with technology, you can find him dabbling as an amateur photographer, immersed with his family, leading his friends into the desert for chance encounters with flash floods in slot canyons, long boarding with his girls, bombing Park City with his mates, or practicing his licks trying to channel Geddy Lee as a member of a local all original rock band.