TruClinic & Utah Valley University Announce the Deployment of the TruClinic Portal to provide counseling to students

The College of Humanities & Social Sciences (CHSS) will begin using TruClinic to provide counseling services to non-traditional students

Salt Lake City, UT – December 3, 2013: Utah Valley University, with over 33,000 students, is the largest university in terms of enrollment in Utah. A significant portion of those students are unable to access counseling services due to time and geography constraints. UVU will begin using TruClinic so that those students are able to access their counselors remotely using a computing device, Internet connection and a webcam.

By 2015, UVU seeks to address the current counseling deficiencies in an effort to reach a ratio of 1:2500, as determined by National Associations of Campus Counseling Centers and accreditation bodies.

TruClinic is working with UVU to make counseling accessible outside the traditional office setting with a simple and secure portal that allows UVU’s students and counselors to have face-to-face interactions, no matter where they are. Justin Kahn, CEO of TruClinic comments, “We have always known that TruClinic would have applications outside of the traditional healthcare space. Our plan was to start in our backyard. With the help of the UVU, TruClinic was able to test the idea of bringing online video counseling to college campuses.”

TruClinic received a grant from UVU’s Grants for Engaged Learning Department. TruClinic worked with the CHSS to poll the student and practitioner population to see if they were open to idea to using online video consultations as a service that would be provided through the Student Health Services department. The results showed that the students supported the idea. CHSS saw multiple areas outside of mental health where TruClinic could help solve issues they were having with their non-traditional students.

“We are excited about exploring a new approach to advising services for our students” says David Yells, Dean of the College. “Timely and accessible advising has a major impact on student success. For many of our students, an extra trip to campus for advising purposes can present an obstacle. We hope that TruClinic can provide some needed relief”.

About UVU/College of Humanities & Social Sciences

The College of Humanities and Social Services offers General Education courses along with majors, minors, and certificate programs in a variety of disciplines. There were 857 graduates from the college in spring, 2013. Currently, nearly 4, 700 students are majoring in CHSS programs.

About TruClinic

TruClinic is a web-based portal that enables healthcare providers to deliver Telehealth consultations to their patients. It is a simple and secure high definition video communication system, as well as a suite of practice management products that extend the reach of any healthcare practice. TruClinic creates value for providers by removing barriers of time and location to make it convenient for them to have face-to-face interactions with their patients, no matter where they are. TruClinic improves productivity, increases profitability, and enables providers to offer a unique service to their patient base.