TruClinic awarded Phase II Grant from Utah Governor’s office to expand telehealth services to the Confederated Tribes of the Goshute Reservation

TruClinic™ has been awarded a Phase II Technology Commercialization and Innovation Program (TCIP) grant through the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED). The grant will be used to expand the types of care remotely available to the Goshute Indian Reservation through the TruClinic™ telehealth portal.

TruClinic™ is a cloud based telehealth portal that enables health systems, provider groups and specialty practices to offer online, clinically meaningful consultations to their patients in real-time through video, secure messaging, and VOIP.

TruClinic™ was awarded Phase I of the TCIP grant in May of 2012 to establish a patient portal which allowed Goshute tribal members to receive remote mental health counseling. With this technology, the Goshutes are now receiving counseling services from Arnold Thomas, a member of the Shoshone-Paiute Tribes. Arnold, who is a Chaplain and has a Master of Social Work, provides counseling for Native Americans across North America.

Phase II of the grant is enabling TruClinic™ to partner with Satellite Country to provide satellite Internet to all homes on the Goshute reservation free of cost for one year. In addition, all healthcare providers who deliver care to the tribe will now be able to access their patients through the portal. Justin Kahn, CEO of TruClinic™, highlights that combining home Internet access and the TruClinic™ telehealth portal the tribe will have access to necessary care that has been unavailable due to the extreme remoteness of the Goshute reservation.

Former Governor and current Chairman of Leavitt Partners Michael O. Leavitt wrote a letter of support for the project saying: “This technology is ideal for rural and medically underserved populations… access to care and the shortage of practitioners able to travel to remote areas is a critical problem.”

The Company has also garnered support from former Utah Senator Bob Bennett, who stated: “TruClinic is the next evolution in effective healthcare delivery. TruClinic's revolutionary technology has made mobile health (mHealth) available to everyone, regardless of location. TruClinic extends the reach of healthcare providers, opening up new possibilities for patient engagement and interaction.“

The Technology Commercialization & Innovation Program is a State funded grant program developed by the Utah Legislature in 1986 to accelerate the commercialization of promising technologies that have strategic value for Utah.