TruClinic partners with Google for Work

Author:  Joe Stewart

Embedded technology allows real time virtual patient progress monitoring

Utah-based TruClinic announced a partnership with Google for Work which will result in large scale telemedicine coverage throughout provider networks across the globe. This partnership allows hospital systems embedded access to TruClinic’s online telemedicine solution via Chromebooks.

These portable and automatically updated laptops are preloaded with TruClinic and other healthcare applications to better address patient needs throughout the entire care process. With Chrome OS at their fingertips, a referring doctor has real time capability of following up patients’ progress via video chat, a calendaring system and a secure messaging portal. 

Chromebooks work right out of the box, making for a hassle-free experience using telemedicine. Unlike a traditional computer it won’t slow down over time because updates are automatic and maintenance is easy. They come with multiple layers of security to help keep them safe from viruses and malware and TruClinic’s 5-tier security system guarantees sensitive patient information stays confidential.

Looking ahead, “TruClinic is proud to be the universal telemedicine platform chosen to pave the way for a Chrome-centric health solution. Google Chrome is a welcomed partner and we look forward to continued collaboration and expanding our reach,” stated TruClinic’s CEO Justin Kahn.


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