KUTV - The Tech Report - TruClinic: Telemedicine That Works

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(KUTV) Justin Kahn, Founder and CEO of TruClinic, talked about how to get medical questions answered from anywhere in the world.

TruClinic is a born and bred Utah company.

It began in 2010 and got its start working with the Salt Lake City VA, Utah Valley University, the Moran Eye Center, University of Utah Health Care System and the Goshute Native American tribe.

TruClinic now has customers on 4 continents, 7 countries and all 50 states.

Think of TruClinic like "medical Skype on steroids."

The technology enables healthcare providers to communicate with each other and their patients through any type of computing device or telephone.

The TruClinic telehealth portal is comprised of three major components: secure communications, online practice management tools, and a records management system.

Healthcare providers can simply go to the website and request a demo to learn more.

Patients without TruClinic that want to have the freedom and choice to meet with providers without having to always go into the office, should speak with their provider.