Improving the Productivity of the Care Team

We're grateful to Elevar Labs for including us in this thought piece on the future of healthcare. See the original article here or read on.

As provider shortages increase (i.e. overworked providers), how can we leverage technology to improve efficiency and automate both administrative and clinical tasks?

With burgeoning patient populations, researchers predict a shortage of roughly 60,000 – 90,000 physicians over the next decade. This, coupled with increasing reports of physician burnout, has many worried about our healthcare system’s ability to meet the needs of its future patients.1 Ironically, the premier health-tech development of the millennium – EHRs – has only exacerbated the problem, with “computerization of practice,” being reported as one of the top causes for physician dissatisfaction at work. Moving forward, digital health tools should focus on optimizing the clinical process to make a doctor’s job easier and more efficient.

Technology can provide clear and immediately solutions here. Digital intervention can begin before a patient even enters their doctor’s office. Electronic check-ins (either when scheduling an appointment or through a device in the waiting room) can cut down inefficiencies prompted by the traditional paper-on-clipboard method. Providers often lament that they “see 40 patients a day and don’t have time for manual input.” Startups like CareCloud and TruClinic have developed innovative EHR platforms that focus on user-friendliness and interoperability. Providers can even repurpose existing technology to streamline their workflow. More and more provider offices are utilizing products such as Google Glass during examinations in order to remotely dictate notes from the exam, thereby alleviating the provider’s administrative burden.

Keeping in mind the complex and, at times, tedious work that providers take on, athenahealth aims to continuously enhance their suite of services with the goal of removing providers’ distractions, supporting doctors with the latest technology and enabling healthcare administrators to focus on providing excellent care. The technological solutions are out there – now is the time to integrate them into healthcare sites to make providers’ jobs easier.

If you’re a health tech startup creating provider productivity tools, we encourage you to apply to MDP Labs powered by Elevar. Join us as we build the healthcare internet of the future.