Casa Dos Insights Use Case

PhD Researcher and Psychotherapist Cláudia Catão’s experience using the TruClinic platform in Brazil

PhD research subject: Effectiveness of Online Systematic Brief Psychodynamic Psychotherapy for Neurotic Disorders: Randomized Controlled Trial – Clinical Trial ID #NCT02257996


  • I've noticed patients feel much safer talking about their problems when they know the platform is a secured environment. They feel comfortable enough to talk about anything, as if they are in a face-to-face session. 
  • I also feel my work is secure. I am able to do the necessary psychoanalytical interpretations and to investigate, alongside with the patient, intimate issues because I know that confidentiality between me and patients will be kept. Psychotherapy does not exist without confidentiality. TruClinic offers 5 levels of security. We feel very safe.


  • Due to the feeling of safety generated by the 5 levels of security on the platform, I quickly forget I am performing my work mediated by technology.
  • I easily forget the distance between us, and never feel like my quality of work has been compromised.


  • Considering the poor quality of Brazil’s internet connection, I love that the program decides quickly whether two-way video is an option. If the connection is slow it shows me an icon of a headset, which means that there is a patient there and their audio will be prioritized.
  • This is wonderful because as a professional, it is my responsibility to manage the difficulties of access. The patient never needs to feel anxious because he sees me and isn’t aware that the internet connection is slow and I can only hear him.
  • I love that I am the one dealing with the poor internet connection, not him. This is a wonderful new feature!


  • The ability to send my waiting room link to a patient’s e-mail with an access password is another great feature. Before, new patients would have to create an account and fill out a form in order to be able to register. This wasn't ideal because the patient is already anxious; he wants to talk to you about his problems, not fill out forms. Now I can quickly send the external access link and meet with my patients immediately.
  • The first contact happens through the link with the password. It is fast! The process is safer, but it has also more steps to be taken: I first invite the patient; then the patient accepts my invitation; only then I can schedule the session.
  • Once I send the link I am certain my patient will be in my waiting room when I get there because TruClinic is so easy to use. I never expect any difficulties for the patient. If the patient is going to be long-term, then at the end of a session I ask them to fill out the forms and create an account, but for an initial consultation, I love that I can be available to my patients quickly. 
  • Additionally, I can connect with the infrequent patients who just need to talk face-to-face. Brazilian law allows us to work with this type of patient via telemedicine. In this case, therapists and patients alike can use only the basic features they need, using TruClinic to get in and out of a session quickly and easily. It is simple for a patient who is not familiar with TruClinic to use the platform on occasion.  


  • The new post-session chat is a great addition. Sometimes the patient is not able or doesn’t want to turn the camera on, but he is still able to talk to me through the chat.


  • The e-mail is also a plus when it comes to clinical supervisions. Post-graduate students can submit their sessions through e-mail and it is a secure environment. I open it, correct it and send it back, without worry. Everything about that patient remains in a safe environment.